About this Blog

This blog is just my little place in the corner of the internet. The things I’m primarily interested, and tend to talk about on here include: Programming/Computers, Gaming (mostly Tabletop), Beer/Homebrewing, Books (mostly Fantasy). The blog goes through varying spouts of activities, sometimes I’ll get motivated to talk about things, and other times I’m too busy living life.


About Me

I am tehdiplomat. A moniker I’ve been using since 2004 or so. That’s a fairly long time, and like most things on the internet, will stick around even if you don’t want it to. Luckily, I’m a big fan of my handle and started using it in college with a bunch of my CS buddies. I’m not sure who actually dubbed me with the name (or if it was self proclaimed), but the base story lies in playing board games. One of  our games of choice was Munchkin (yes the same Munchkin that’s much maligned on places such as /r/boardgames), at one point in time I believe I had one at least the first 15 times we ever played the game. If you’ve never played, there’s a pretty strong “Take that” aspect of the game, so there’d be a lot of “We really have to start <tehdiplomat> from winning again!” but somehow I’d still manage to convince the others of my (understated) board state, and squeak out a victory. A few of those victories in that win streak were shared with an Elf, or perhaps another Cleric. Anyway, medium story short, the name stuck ever since. And the same person that always targeted me in those Munchkin games manages to utter the phrase “<tehdiplomat> always wins, we have to make sure he doesn’t” fairly often during game-time.


I’d say the things listed about potential blog topics are my significant hobbies, in addition I’m a pretty huge Washington Redskins fan (even though I wasn’t raised in the area) and also a fairly big New Jersey Devils fan.  I currently work as a Software Engineer at a start-up (If you are that curious, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to figure out the name) in a place called “New York City”.  You may have heard of it. The name of the city, not my company. I’m pretty sure barely anyone has heard of the start-up I work for. If you are interested in seeing what new beers I’m trying, which contests I’m entering, or other random noise. Feel free to follow me at @tehdiplomat.


About asooj

For those curious what exactly the origins of the website is. “A Shot of Orange Juice” is a reference to a badly made mixed drink. It can be phrased towards any bad drink, but works best with drinks made with Orange Juice. Most specifically a Screwdriver. Here’s an example of use of the phrase:
Chris made the Screwdriver so strong he poured a shot of orange juice to go with it to appease the burning vodka flavor.


For those looking to actually contact me, feel free to send me an email to: tehdiplomat {AT} ashotoforangejuice {DOT} com

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