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I’ve already posted about my Magic playing days a few times. And this one is more of an in memoriam to my old card-playing days and some of the old hangouts.

I occasionally talk to a handful of people that I was playing the game with back in my teenage years, but there are just as many who I don’t know last names of or I don’t have any way to contact them. I’ve attempted to search for the people a bit online, and tried finding info about the places but there appears to be absolutely nothing on the internet about them. Since I have a little bit of sway with the search engines, hopefully if anyone else out there is looking for the same things I’ve been looking for they will find me. Not to say I think people are looking for me, sometimes it’s fun to remember the past through a different pair of eyes and a different memory.

So I guess this will be a bit of a remembrance post much akin to my other post. But this will be more about my in person playing and dealings.

The first time I saw Magic was at Chess School (mock all you like I did goto Chess school). A bunch of the “I’m getting too cool for this” kids brought their cards in and hid off to the second room. The teacher (Arkady Geller) had lots of kids to deal with so didn’t have enough time to watch everyone, and since we were the older kids we were supposed to be playing against each other. Well, this must have been like 1994 or so, and these two kids brought in and were playing Magic. I recalled once I started playing a year or two later that these kids weren’t playing right at all. They had two stacks of decks. One of land and one of spells. I guess it was their way to prevent mana screw. I remember getting a Rulebook (it must have been a Revised one) and scouring through it. But it took a bit longer for me to actually start collecting.

My dad tells me that he was trying to find a way to get me to read more. I had already showed an inclination for Computers, but also Fantasy. So he bought me a Starter pack and a Booster pack of Ice Age. He was basically creating a reward system for me, read a few chapters and tell me about them. And I’ll get you some cards. I’m still not sure how exactly he stumbled upon it, but the idea was a goldmine. He said he just happened to see the cards in a 7-11, but I don’t know what made him think to go for it.

Anyway, so that’s how I got started playing. My Chess playing took a downturn after middle school. I wasn’t going to Chess School anymore so my game playing fueled into Magic. At the time I didn’t know it was going to be one of my most social aspects for the next 6 years. Alright I was intending this post to actually be about the locals, but it turned into something else. I’ll write another one actually about spending Saturday nights playing cards and eating pizza in the basement of a card/comic shop.

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