Of Creating a Board

So I took my whiteboard and went to work yesterday, drawing up not-even-close-scale, version of the regions that Greenland will be dealing with. I’m planning on designing this game to be up to 4 players, but the first cycle is only going to be about the title player (Greenland) and their direct nemesis (in this case, Denmark). The third and fourth player haven’t been completely fledged out, but is going to be similarly themed. Current ideas include: European Union, The Green Party, Consumerism. And a few others that make less sense than those three.

In the two player version, I believe there will always be a loser. However, I think it might be possible for both players to lose if they screw up badly enough. I’m not certain how a three player variant would work, since it might unbalance the game. Classic ganging up syndrome at all. I won’t get too far ahead of myself, because for the first iteration this will only be a two player game, and since the map I drew doesn’t really contain much besides Greenland, Iceland, UK, Denmark. It would be tough to fit another player in all that. Once I have the play system down we’ll see what direction things take. So now I have a partial board, although I know I will want to have some piece movement (not based on dice rolls), so I will need to divvy up the board into “squares” and I also know I need a bunch of cards. So I’m gonna just design like a dozen cards or so, and leave the rest as filler. Hopefully with what I have in place, and a taking advantage of the whiteboard to fix any of squares that seem wrong, I can play a very early round of Greenland within a few hours of work. Hopefully.

And big props to Pelle Nilsson for the Inkscape Board Game Extension. I haven’t played around with it that much, but having something that will generate uniform cards will be much handier than writing things on Index Cards.

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