Well, after a bit over a week of claiming I was gonna work on GSkirm more, not too much work has been done. Why you ask? Well I did accomplish a lot that first weekend getting a lot of overhead stuff done. I was able to get my sand box portion back to an actual working condition, which yknow.. helps. The next two things I want to get accomplished are a rules write up and tutorial section. While it won’t get any additional content into the system. And both will need to be updated as more features get added. I kinda think it would be good to have an actual rulesheet. And a tutorial actually explaining one+ round of play.

So I didn’t manage to get any work done this past weekend cause our friend Greg finally moved out of his parents house and we threw him a nice party at his new place. I still have a few friends still stuck at their old folks places, so hopefully I can convince them to get out on their own. This coming weekend I’m going to my parents Poconos house for the weekend, so it seems like I won’t be getting too much done this weekend. Maybe I’ll get a bit done this weekend? Don’t hold your breath.

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