Preliminary Rules

As the end of the year rolls around, things are reborn. Like from the ashes, a spontaneous combustion occurs. Allowing enough life-burning flame for the Phoenix to arise. And with such fiery passion I have return to talk about a hobby I care deeply enough, but haven’t quite managed to put all together.

And so with Christmas just having passed, and I will soon be receiving some board game pieces to actually put some of my designs into the physical realm. Greenland will be the first to get a board, and some game structure. I have a handful of ideas of how gameplay will run, and things you will do during your turn. Once the pieces arrive I should be able to sketch out the board and start some playtesting and creating some resource/action cards to feed the turn cycle. The rulesheet has been fleshed out a bit, but I feel I’m basically at the point where I need to physically attempt to play the game to see how things should go. So once I get a mock-up board and a sample state of the game. I’ll take a picture and upload it. Everything will be in it’s early phases obviously, but even if it’s just a reminder for me years in the future it would be nice to remember back on.

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