Mario Strikers Charged

Alright, so as much good progress I made on the latest versions of Global Skirmish, and actually setting up a blog and source control like I had been planning on doing for a while. I may have just lost a step. I just purchased Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii, and the game is definitely as much and probably a bit more fun than it’s predecessor. While the first one was fairly balanced, there was a few moves i could do to score more or less at will. Now, with Mario strikers there is a controlled chaos (and sometimes a bit of a wild chaos) throughout the game.

The single player comes in two forms. There’s a challenge mode, which places you in a situation with a score and you need to do something in the amount of time they give. It’s nice that they have this available since sometimes I dont feel like playing for very long. There’s also the tournament mode where you play X qualifying games and then a playoff system to win a championship. Now I’m not positive, but it seems like if you lose in the playoffs you have to redo all your qualifying games, which can get real annoying real fast.

We tried to get the wifi to work without much luck. I figure the tubes are a bit clogged for the first Wii game to be Wifi compatible. I just wish we didn’t need friend codes. Now that i’m done telling you how good the game is you should go get it? Right? Well, I’m gonna crash but I’m sure i’ll play for an hour for the next week or two. But we’ll see how that goes. One of the guys at my work recently passed my gamerscore, so I may need to put a few hours into finding a game with some easy points to get back ahead. Alright, enough about video games for now yea?

Night all

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