Giant Log Flume

Alright, now some of you may consider this cheating but seeing as Ian has now gotten to the the project phase of the course; I think I’m just going to roll what I was going to run a prototype for into the project. I hadn’t gotten too far in the prototyping, as I realized I was going to need a decent amount of cards for time processing. I’ll still do them, but for now I know how I want to setup card templates. This idea is relatively new for me, and it’s only really been explored in the last week or so, and honestly, not as much as I had planned on.

So I’m not sure how this will work, but it seems like I may not be having any movable pawns at all. I guess it’s more like an RTS in that point. There will be some building (such as roads and settlements in Settlers), resource collection, and time flow. I’m still going to focus on getting the game up and running for two players. But luckily, his restrictions didn’t really hit on what I had planned. There will be a fair amount of cards, as they represent the time flow (sort of a chit-pulling system). But I need to actually start writing all this stuff down in a notebook so I can monitor it closely. Short post today. Just wanted to report in and my progress of last week, and the change of plans.

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