Multiplayer Go

So in a few days of high productivity we have the basic multiplayer game working. I still have some tweaking to be done for the most basic, turn-by-turn saving, multiplayer to be fully functional. For example, whether a person is “alive” is not being updated to the server. To prevent a search through all of the Power Stations each time the game loads, I’d like to just be able to retrieve this and assume it’s correct.

I was however able to play a game with two different browsers open, doing a game refresh (not a page refresh) to reload the current state for the next turn in the next browser. And it was a bit of a slaughter. I’ll worry about balance a bit later, once the game has a few of it’s missing components filled in. But for now, I have multiplayer, and i feel good about it. My goal for today is to get the tweaks in place I need for the turn-based saving (such as the alive state above). I’m considering if I should do the action-based saving now. (To disallow people from undoing bad results in the middle of a turn)

Well, I suppose I don’t have too much more right now. I will be working on my resume and getting in touch with some of these outplacement guys soon.

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