Well, it appears that I now have some free time on my hands. So I will be doing a few types of networking.

The first type of networking is the one for Global Skirmish. I’ve already made a great push on Friday and Saturday and currently have Network Games being created. However, as I finished that up and started looking into it this morning I realized that I still have a lot to do, and it’s not all server work. Next, I have to save the state of the game (which will if necessary, save not just the general state, but also save the middle of the turn state) which will need to have work done in the JS and the PHP. I hope this won’t be too tough actually. The final step will be to setup some type of login state, where users can come to the site, login to their account and have access to their games. For the time being, I’m considering making the games only accessible from a triggered email (that is to say, once you create a game, the server will send out an email to the playing parties and you will have access to the game through a session id that is sent to you.) Just all stuff to consider that didn’t need to be considered on a hot-swap game. I hope once I have the multiplayer working to be motivated and finish up the other large pieces left. I have to check exactly what those are, but since I have some free time so I may be able to manage it.

The other type of networking is the one where it nets me a new job at the end. My job at Massive is sadly in the past, which brings my timely return to where it all started. Programming board games on google maps on my website. Now I haven’t figured out how to convince people to play GSkirm yet. I do have a tutorial in the works somewhere. But it won’t be the same as “remember that board game you grew up playing? try it online!” It will be more like “remember those board games you grew up loving? Try my tribute online!” So I have to do some real networking and get my interview suit in shape, and my interview skills re-sharpened. Sigh.

Any ASoOJ fan out there just want to give me a job?

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