Well, I went through and cleaned up wordpress a bit. Deleted a bunch of the spam users, added my twitter account to the sidebar. So a quick recap on my projects for this site.

The first which is the larger of the two is the board game Global Skirmish that is based in Google Maps. Currently, the game play is mostly finished and the multiplayer work is the largest piece still left to be finished. I would like to get the multiplayer done, but I’ve been quite on and off with this project (mostly off) and whenver I do get on, I end up rewriting code or tweaking with the game design. So no progress gets done. I’d say the game engine itself is around 75% complete, and the multiplayer aspect is only around 10% complete.

The other project is an unnamed XNA game that I’ve been working on. I wrote a quick little XNA game previously. That isn’t worth sharing at all, as I was really just trying to get the hang of how the system worked and all that. The gameplay was terrible and winning took too long in certain situations, the design took all of 10 minutes. The new XNA project is actually a classic game that I’ve been writing up. So we’ll see where it goes. That one is in preliminary stages, just getting the code base up in running. Drawing things properly. So we’ll see where it goes from there.

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