Well, it’s cold outside in the New York area and I think I’m done with winter. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate actually having seasons unlike some areas, that don’t have any besides rain and not rain. But no matter, I’ll soon be on vacation in the caribbean and the warmth and ocean waters will be a great change of pace. I have some things at work to finish up before I disappear for a week, and I would also like to get some stuff done on one of the projects I’m working on here.

I think at this point, I’m considering my major projects to be Global Skirmish (obviously) which has had it’s ups and downs. If I can get it to the point where people will be playing it and providing feedback, I think that would really bring the final push I need. We’ll see what happens. Maybe one of these weekends instead of getting sucked into an activity, I’ll devote the time to really fleshing out work. I think one of the things I actually need is a little note like a have at work telling me how many work items I currently have to do. Knowing is half the battle right?

The other major project, which I haven’t really started yet besides the idea, is a game show based XNA game. I’m not sure where the Eureka for that came from, but I really want to do an XNA project, and I already did a quick sample game for a “board”-ish game with simple rules, with the idea to have fast paced game play. The game isn’t really fun or anything, I was just experimenting with XNA. My graphics work needs a prayer and maybe an artist, but I’ll worry about that in the fit and finish time.

So that’s that, and we’ll see how it goes. I do want GSkirm to see the light of day, and if I get it running well enough, I may consider porting it to XNA as well, but at this juncture, I think it’s best to flesh out the GMaps game to high potential before moving forward. One of the biggest items is a client-server protocol, which I’ve been saying is daunting for a while, but yknow. Maybe I just need to man up and do it.

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