Well I got a Mr Beer for Christmas, which is kinda is the beer brewing equivilant of web programming with Frontpage. But no matter. I’m putting wort and water and yeast into a little jug and in a few weeks I’m going to have my own beer. And I’m sure it’ll taste decent enough. Hopefully it doesn’t spoil or anything like that. I’ll let you guys know. I’m a big hophead so I did the wheat beer first to get all the kinks out. And I’ll do an IPA next. It should be pretty fun.

On the accounts of games, I decided to buy Mount and Blade from steam for 7.50$. I love buying indie games and I had thought about getting the demo for M&B for a while, but this was a great excuse to try it out and purchase it. I may have to get Maw too, but we’ll see about that. I’m glad that quality of these games are high and even though the gameplay of M&B is repetitive it’s the type of game play I enjoy. I used to play a game back in the mid-90s called Legion. It was a turn-based strategy. Moving troops around Europe and playing the different empires who all had different expansions and troop trees. M&B reminds me of this along with a thicker RPG element, and I played it today for hours without complaint. We’ll see how long I’m addicted to this one, but for 7.50 I’ve already had more entertainment than how much it cost me to see The Wrestler earlier this afternoon (which was splendid as well).

Oh well, maybe next week we’ll be back to programming.

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