Mid-month updates

So I’m currently trying to post blog updates right around the pay period. For me that’s the 15th and 30th, so I’ll just call that twice a month and go for there.

I won’t always have game related updates every 2 weeks, but I’ve been much better in the last few weeks with updating a few things, and have had my will rekindled on this project. I’ve recently added some setup for badges, the reward system for taking over regions. Most games have such a reward system, in Risk it’s cards, in Axis and Allies it’s more money to spend, and in Global Skirmish it’s badges. Your question might be: hey tehdip, what’s the difference between the card system of Risk and teh badge system of GSkirm. And I’ll just have to say that it’s quite different. The main similarity is you can only get one of each a turn. The system isn’t in place yet, but I have it all written out. I’ll try to decern it’s affect on the balance of the game, but I’m quite pleased with the idea of them. This along with the technology will be the crux of repopulating energy and combat.

Another change I just did last night had to do with Obelisks. I’ve had this idea of the Obelisks for a while now, and the whole point was great risks and great rewards type thing. If you want to use the Obelisks during the game that’s all well and good, but just be careful. If you leave your resources on one, it can be bad. As resource regeneration is a bit slower, this can be a painful blow. Now the additional part was to cause some collateral damage. I’ve added this as defaulted on option. If some energy is on an obelisk at the beginning of the turn, at the end of the turn the Obelisk will “surge.”  Originally, this just meant all the energy was wasted. But, now this has changed to dealing collateral damage. I haven’t quite filled in how much damage, but the surrounding regions will take some relative amount of damage, and then that Obelisk will be “smoldering” for a round, and be unoccupiable.

Well, those are some good updates for now I think. I’m definitely chugging through some of the stuff I want to. And have a good two computer system setup. So I’ll aim to have another updated after the Super Bowl.

Speaking of which, congrats to the Cards and the Steelers.

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