Happy New Year everyone. In the last two weeks, I’ve been spending my time playing a bit of games, reading a bit, and programming a good amount on Global Skirmish. I ended up scrapping the virtual dice portion of the combat system that I came up with and decided that I should only have a version of a game that would translate well to a physical board.Now that means the combat system needs a bit more reworking (due to how it calculates losses from battles) but is stable enough to play for now. There is still a major missing aspect from the game and another minor one that seems to slow the game down while I’m testing how things work.

The ultimate goal is to make a World Domination type game that doesn’t take 2-4 hours to play, like some of the other ones out there. I’m attempting to do this by speeding up combat. In a game like Risk, each time the players roll the dice only 2 units max will be removed from the board. Combine that with giving out continent bonuses, and cashing in cards, there may be 20 times you need to roll the dice during your turn. Maybe even more if you had a big stockpile somewhere! In Axis and Allies it takes longer because the different ships and planes have different attack values. This slows things down because you now need to roll in groups.

It is weird to be playing a game that you’ve created rules, and attempted to create balance, and halfway into the game feel like you don’t know what to do strategically, or are contemplating that doing nothing is the right strategic move. Unfortunately, I rarely want the “do nothing” strategy to be optimal. Although, once I implement the technology phase you wouldn’t be “doing nothing” but instead “building up.” In the current state of the game, doing nothing will allow the generic technology to be granted to all of your units.

Maybe the thing I’ll work on this weekend is either the tutorial or the rules writeup so if you stumble here you can actually play the thing instead of not knowing what’s going on.

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