Well, it’s the time for winter holidays no matter which one you celebrate, it’s always nice to have some tradition with your snow (I’m talking to you Las Vegas).

So I’m off from work until the new year, and have plans to work on Global Skirmish during this time. I revised some of the rules in my head recently, and will be pushing these changes through the javascript version.

One of the major changes will be reducing the number of countries from 60 down to 36 (so far). One of the things I was trying to do when creating Global Skirmish was to reduce the number of attacks (higher volatility) and quicker game pace. Now, I’m not sure how far I’m going to make the javascript version. For now let’s see, rules complete, no online multiplayer, no AI. We’ll see how it goes when i get working on it. Hopefully I don’t need to ramp too much back into the gmaps api. If so, it might be different.

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