Labor Day

Well, Labor Day is a great placement for a holiday. Right at the end of the summer, you can regenerate all your juices and enjoy the nice weather before it starts cooling off. I didn’t do anything fancy this weekend, but I did enjoy the weather. Now that the summer is fading away, I’m taking a peak back and thinking I did pretty well in the casual coding department. Unfortunately, you all aren’t seeing that here, but I did make some hefty progress in other places, that I can use as a foundation for Global Skirmish. Using lighter projects in the issue at hand (php/sql) to get me familiar with coding in that style is great, and should be able to make things smoother as I get ready to implement saved games/multiplayer.

I also have actually been fiddling around with XNA Game Studio, which really has a nice feel to it. I would recommend the toolset to any young developer who wants to create his own games. Because you can really get a good start on the meat and potatoes part of game programming, without having to deal too much with the sleep under your desk part of game programming.

Now that I’m done looking behind Labor Day it’s time to look forward, and that focuses on one thing for a few months. NFL. Yes yes, I’m quite the huge Football fan. I’m not going to deny it. I’m really pumped up for Thursday nights game, and hopefully it will live up to my hype. Of course, when it comes to rivalries, it’ll be a bit devastating for a loss, because it’s hard to look on the bright side. Not only does your team start off with a loss, it starts off with a division loss, which in the NFC East may be the difference between a wild card spot, and sitting home in January.

The teams know each other well, they’ve both been hampered by a few injuries. I think the wild card is the new coach for the Redskins. We’ll see how that West Coast Offense turns out.

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