Finished Moving

Well, here are some more related news to my site. I just finished moving all of my stuff from my old Apartment in Hoboken, a few miles inland in Jersey. It’s a bit sad since I’ve been in Hoboken for a good 7 years and will have to meet new friends here, and all those social things that I was never very good at. It’s nice to be moving on from Hoboken and we’ll see how the real world is from a living perspective that doesn’t feel like college.

For now I may leave all the references on the site to Hoboken, since that’s where ASoOJ started and it is a nice little town. I might tweak them to say something about originating or some such.  Well, I as I unpack boxes and organize my living space, my main computer is on top of three boxes full of “clothes to be donated” and my keyboard rests in my lap. Not optimal programming conditions. I decided to get rid of my old desk since I didn’t like it very much, and so when I get a new one and am able to put away have the crap that’s on my floor, I may be up to proggin a bit more. Until then, expect the twice a month posting I’ve been sorta keeping up with, maybe I’ll get in enough habits to post once a week. Maybe.

Update: Oh shit I forgot to mention Diablo 3. That game will put a whole into my time-time continuum. Oh yes Blizzard, let me play it now.

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