Moving and Side Project

Well, moving is going fairly smoothly for the most part. We were planning on having a few more things moved then actually got moved, but the minivan my girlfriend’s father was driving stalled out the day we were going to move a few larger things. But we do have a lot of stuffed packed and already moved, and we have a fair amount left. I’m still hoping to be done by this coming weekend so I won’t have to worry about it, but we’ll see how the weather is.

Friday I have to be around the new place to let the FIOS guys in. Supposedly it takes 4 hours to setup everything, hopefully they don’t need me for any of that. Or at least much of that. I’ll have a laptop and a tv, but no internet/cable setup yet (obviously) so we’ll see if I can leech off anyone else.

While i know those of you here for board games on the internet don’t care about my side project, and I’m sure you won’t be affected by it in any way (except for my reduced resources) it’s nice to be able to move quickly with this project. I’m doing lots of php work which is what I plan on doing for gskirm’s multiplayer, so hopefully once my side project is done, I’d have helped out the gaming community I’m doing the project for, and gained the right skills and workings with php to efficiently do multiplayer.  Well, halfway through the month isn’t a bad time to post, I’m sure I could have done it sooner, but yknow I would have said basically the same thing as I did here, except I’d be less far along with both of these things.

Oh and I think I’m giving up on most professional sports. The NBA is rigged (according to the refs) and who knows how many other ones.

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