Well, some activities going on over here. While April and May have been good blogging months (note the 2 posts in the month, instead of the normal monthly apologetic “sorry haven’t really posted, nor worked on the game”) and I’ve actually been productive in the last week or so on the game. While I haven’t worked on any of the features that I plan on being in the 1.0 version of late, I have gotten back into looking at all the code, and refactoring a bit for different reasons.

One of my biggest problems when trying to get back into this project as it ages, is remembering what I was doing, do to my lacking documentation. It might be a bit too late for this project, but for the next one it’s definitely something that will be an early priority. The stuff that was refactored wasn’t just for clarity for my sake, it also enabled me to decouple the game code from the UI code, allowing me to more easily port the game to another maps program or something neat and new like XNA.

Hopefully I’ll be able to code for an hour each day and hammer out all of the base gameplay stuff, and then I can worry about multicomputer work.

I’m moving to a new abode during June, so I’ll probably have a productivity drop as weekends turn into, cleaning, packing, moving instead of lazing, gaming, and possibly coding. Hopefully all that goes well.

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