Game ideas

So I can’t remember if I ever mentioned this, but I thought of a few things recently that I want to “add” to the game. The first of these is an alternate battle system. This system would allow for the game to blend into a “true” board game by using real dice, that you can buy in any gaming store. It may use some funky sides like d4, and d12, but so be it. More feasible than finding those d3s and d7s.

The other, if I were a true software team with a project manager and fancy specs, and fancy MS project files everywhere, they would push off for a time in between cycles. So we’ll see when I decide to do it for, butttt I’m planning for a second refactor (the first was to the improved JS prototypes), but this one would be to separate out all of the game logic and fun stuff, from the UI/Google Maps API stuff. If I could do this smoothly, I’d be able to port the game to a different form (like say maybe XNA) with more ease cause the parts would already be noticeably different. I have to check how much work that entails, but it might be something I can do that doesn’t require tons of brain cycles.

Wellll.. that’s all I have for my bimonthly post.. good enough from my point of view.

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