April Fool

Now… I also kinda enjoyed April Fool’s Day. I’ve done a handful of pranks in my time, only a few of them coming on 4/1. And every year while I’m in the height of my website maintenance I tell myself I’m going to come up with something hilarious for April 1st. Well, as you can see, nothing happened. Maybe one year when I’m more adamant about posting towards the end of March.

But the real point of this post isn’t to woe on about my lack of posting (all of my previous posts have some of that). Really it’s to complain that the internet is completely unreadable today. My RSS is filled with junk. Most of it is funny the first time, but some sites are taken over by a running gag that floods my RSS with cakes or other nonsense. Also, nothing you read can be trusted, which basically means reading the internet is useless. I feel like I’m trapped in ytmnd-land. Oh well, it appears my complaints will do no good. Next year I’ll just avoid reading the internet on this date, and on the 2nd find out what all the fools day jokes were through wikipedia or some other means. Everyone go back to their site transmogrifying and your fake game update news.

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