St Paddy’s Day

So I haven’t been up to too much on the creating games front, but I have been doing a few things on my other lists of stuff that I try to get done. I’ve got a few books off my “reading” list, which is nice because most of them are 800 page fantasy novels. Yes yesI know it isn’t even March yet, but Hoboken always has it’s St Patrick’s Day parade in Hoboken two weeks before NYC has its, so that’s this coming Saturday. I’m not expecting too much besides Corn Beef, Cabbage and Car Bombs. (Oh and potatoes but that would have ruined the alliteration)

St Patrick’s Day always has a special place in my heart, not only from my Irish heritage but because of everything occurring around it.  This year I’ll be a turning ripe old 25 just before Saint Patrick will be reminisced for slaying all the snakes. Turning a quarter century is kinda weird, considering 5 years ago I wouldn’t have expected myself to be doing the things I am, but I was figuring on being somewhere close.  Well… I dont know what else I was planning for this post, and i figured I hadn’t posted in a while so you deserved something. ::shrugs:: Back to watch the end of the Oscar’s

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