[FTG] Coming soon… 9 Kings seen in Lightbringer by Brent Weeks

Alright, sorry for the preview post. But I mostly just wanted to let everyone know I’m still alive. Beginning of the semester is always a busy time for me at work, and while I’m definitely still reading, I don’t have as much time for writing. I was hoping on having something up for September, and decided I’d go with 9 Kings (a game that I think I’ll have a fair amount to chat about). Of course the 3rd book in this series came out, just at the end of August, and I didn’t get a chance to start reading it till two weeks ago and it should be another few days till I’m finished up. A lots going on in this book, and as usual there’s touch points into 9 Kings, so I decided it would be better to just wait till I finished so I could talk about the complete vision of the game and properly look up quotes without spoiling myself.

Anyway… I hope to start writing the article next week, and hopefully I can get it online within a week or so of starting. If that writes up pretty fast, and I can find another FTG to write about in the abbreviated month, I’ll try to do one for October. Although I was considering talking about the “FTG” that makes a major appearance in Malazan, the Deck of Dragons. Nine Kings and DoD have lots of similarties. Although in Malazan, it’s much more of a mystic/prophecy tool than necessarily a “game” but we’ll see how it turns out, right?


Oh, and if you have some suggestions about what games you’d like to see me cover, please post in the comments! Definitely point a link to the books they’ve appeared in. If I haven’t read them yet, I can put them on my list and check it out.

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