[FTG] Snakes and Foxes seen in Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Part two from the first epic fantasy series I read. I believe I read the  The Eye of the World in 2000 and devoured the first 5 books in no time at all and needing to wait around for book 9 (Winter’s Heart) to be released. Now any WoT readers out there can tell you all about the comparisons between the Snakes and Foxes and the Aelfinn and Eelfinn, two alien species that the Snakes and Foxes represent inside the books. But before you get to the two good links I have down below here’s some thoughts from me.

Game Comparison

While I was reading I always equated the game to Snakes and Ladders (probably due to the name similarity and the roll and move mechanic) or Tic-Tac-Toe (due to the “impossible to win scenario” that exists). I guess it was mostly do the simplistic nature of all of the aforementioned games. Be sure to check out the first link below for a game I’ve never heard of and a very similar comparison.


2 black discs (humans) 10 pale discs w/ wavy line (snakes) 10 pale discs w/ triangle (foxes)

Win Conditions

Human discs need to make it out to the outer edge of the web, and then back to the middle where they started. It’s believe to be impossible to actually win, making this a “child’s game.” Most of the time, you don’t even make it to the outer edge. Only one human piece is needed to win the game. If both human pieces are captured, the snakes and foxes win the game.

Board Setup

Black discs start in the middle of the web. Snakes and foxes start stacked in the corners of the web. The web has arrows showing which direction you can move from that point in the web.


There are two steps to each turn. A player’s step, and a snakes/foxes step. Six dice are rolled during each step. It’s unclear what the faces are, but certainly at least there is the icons for snakes and foxes on the dice. During the human’s turn you roll, and move a certain amount of steps, and it’s strategically required to keep the most amount of space between yourself and the snakes/foxes. The automated rules make the game extremely difficult, if not impossible. Some very important unknown factors are the sides of the faces, and the exact way movement works for the human.


“Courage to strengthen, fire to blind, music to daze, iron to bind,” – Lord of Chaos 13 depository has some great quotes. I highly recommend you follow the link below.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link and shout-out. We now have a video tutorial on our version of the Game of Snakes & Foxes at the No Name Publishing website whose link you’ve provided.

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