[FTG] Stones seen in Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

This is going to be a brief one with the other prominent game in Wheel of Time appearing in the normal monthly time slot (I’m sure fans of the series will know exactly which game I’m talking about). My personal narrative can be seen in the next regularly scheduled FTG article. This article is going to be a bit on the thin side (relatively), and is more for completionist sake than otherwise.

Game Comparison


Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the Wheel of Time books in a searchable ebook format like many of the others in my collection, so I can’t give direct quotes. But pretty much everytime you see this game referenced in WoT it just shouts. “This game is pretty much just Go.” 2 players, different colors, place stones, capture enemy pieces. I believe there’s even some mention of them being placed in the same fashion as in Go. Although I may be misremembering. Unfortunately, I don’t have the books in digital form, so I won’t really be able to search for confirmation.


All pieces are the same. Round white or black discs.

Win Conditions

It seems like the Win Conditions are never disputed in Stones, unlike what may be the case in Go. Or at least there doesn’t seem to be the bogged down time of “Oh let me count all of my controlled territory.” and see how it is versus yours. It’s pretty much just “You fell into my trap, now I win.


Ok, what you should do is actually read the link provided in External Links. It’s fairly short, and gives a nice side by side comparison.

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