Updates to newest version

Alright so here’s the deal. I’ve had some decent progress on Global Skirmish in the last few weeks… If you’d like to see the current tutorial, with the partially written tutorial boxes, check that out. If you just want to check out the current version of the game, which is working pretty well right now, sorry no internet multiplayer support and no there isn’t any AI. Of course comments are welcome, post here or send me an email as usual.

Multiplayer is a higher priority to me, so once I get the tutorial written, a rules sheet up, and a few other niceties that I have listed then I’ll mark the version up to 1.0 and start on sometype of multiplayer, it’ll probably be some type of save system to allow an email multiplayer.  Alright that’s all I got. I’d call this version 0.7.5 even though I didn’t update that in the actually files. We’ll see if I remember the next time I submit my local builds.

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