Indie Revival

And I’m not talking indie rock. So I’ve recently had a bit of revival for Indie Games. Between amazing things like Little Green Pod Man and Mondrian Provoked and Passage and XNA 2.0. Yes yes I’m sure I should have used commas in between all of those but whatever. So the good news of this story is that I have some days off from work coming up and with noone around (and hopefully if I finish Mass Effect before than) I’ll have plenty of time to muck around.

Definitely on the list of things to do is some upgrades for Global Skirmish. I do want to get Multiplayer in next, but it may take me a day to figure out what the hell I was doing the last time I was coding. It has nothing to do with not trusting myself, it has everything to do with where I was going with things. I probably need to take better notes about things like that.  And the other thing is to play around with XNA a bit. Now I only had one graphics class in school and I hadn’t really touched the stuff since then, but it’d be nice to be able to play around and maybe make GSkirm in an environment like XNA. It already has all of the networking stuff intact, and it would be more graphics intensive, but I think it’d be a fun poject and a good way to explore XNA, and get really back on gear with GSkirm. Well that’s about it for me.

Say hi to your friendly indie developer if you ever see them.

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