I’d like to mention a few quick things about this post before you lament to yoursel(f/ves) that Global Skirmish is vaporware and is coming out around the same time as Duke Nukem Forever.

First is Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a nice holiday. You spend some time with your family, maybe throw the football around, eat mass quantities of food. Watch the Lions and Cowboys play against some random team. Yknow. Good times in general.

Second is Newegg. They’ve completely ruined me. Not in a bad way of course. I rave about the site to any of my friends who don’t know about it, which isn’t very many any more because most people I know use and love Newegg. Anyways, it’s ruined me of shipping thoughts. Take yesterday for example, I was supposed to get an sd card for my parents (for something or other) and had completely forgotten about it until this week. So I ordered it on Tuesday around 11. And it’s out being shipped to my place right now. Yes yes, I know they have a shipping center merely 30 miles from me. But my shipping expectations are completely ruined from any other company. It just feels like Amazon doesn’t process things on time so it can take an extra four days. Some days when I’ve ordered things at 9 in the morning I expect them to be halfway to my house that evening. That is all.

Third is… ermm.. console games. Damn you console games! I haven’t played a computer game since I got Titan Quest on the cheaps a few months after it’s release and played it for about a week, before feeling that it was more like Dungeon Siege (which was enjoyable) than Diablo (which was what I was in the mood for). And why is there so many games coming out in the last few months. I need to get Mass Effect, and I’m only about halfway through Mario Galaxy. And DS don’t act like I’m not counting you. Thanks a lot for finally porting Front Mission for real. I don’t think there’s been a Tactical RPG I’ve enjoyed more. Shining Force, you would be a close second.

Fourth, I don’t have any time to be doing the game. I’ll see what I can muster up during the next month. There should be at least time to do something. Right?

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