Greenland Storyboard

To me one of the most important games is the flavor. While strong mechanics and game play that sucks you in are important, there are very few games that I play and enjoy that miss the “flavor element”. So when developing the idea for Greenland, the first thing I came up with was the story behind the game. I’m not sure when I became interested in Greenland’s controlling country, but I bet it had to do with Wikipedia. Anyway, I had been tossing around the idea to do a subtheme about Global Warming Flooding the Earth in the other game I had been brainstorming (Global Skirmish) when it struck me that the subtheme was much too large to be contained wholly in GSkirm. This doesn’t mean it won’t appear eventually in GSkirm if it ever makes it into a fully developed scope, but since I’m fleshing out the idea fully now, I can ease up on the subtheme later.

So Greenland was chosen because there aren’t very many huge land masses that are in the same predicament that Greenland is in. Plus since it has Glacier access, it makes for the perfect launching point for the Global Warming theme. One day I was brainstorming up names and came up with a Log Flume and pitched it to one of my buddies. He immediately took out his wallet and asked me how much. So Greenland took form and while some of the baselines of the story have grown as the game has been fleshed out, the central theme is right in your face. Greenland is trying to gain their freedom by unapologetically dumping their glacial reserves onto Denmark, and Denmark is tasked with preventing this in a non-disastrous method so Europe doesn’t get pissed.


The land of Greenland may be the least densely populated country in the world. But it’s only a country in name. Greenland is really controlled by the totalitarian monarch of the Danish! On June 21, 2019 the 10th anniversary of the day they were upgraded from home rule to “sub-country of the Kingdom of Denmark”, the native Greenlanders decided it was time they became free. The ice caps were still melting from the Global Climate Change, but they thought of a wonderful idea. Instead of ruining their lands with overflowing Arctic waters, they would funnel it down a Giant Log Flume, targeting Denmark with the worst water ride of its life!

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