Toothpaste. A magical drug?

Well, lemme start with this. My girlfriend has been wanting me to get Guitar Hero for the 360 ever since she played the PS2 one a few months back. “Gasp!” You might say. “TehDiplomat has a girlfriend? How could it be?” Alas, it’s true. She’s been bugging me not terribly, but every once in a while. And since I’m the one with this totally famous website, and pretty awesome job, it’s my responsibility to bring new toys in the house.

So I cheaped out. I got one refurbed from Surplus Computers.  It came about a week later (last Thursday). I opened it up, through the DVD in, plugged in the guitar, and got ready to rock…. on easy. I would consider myself as good as rhythm games as I do at FPSs. Mediocre. Now the moral of the story, was the DVD was scratched, and the only accessible part was practice. That’s unacceptable to me. So another moral, Surplus’ customer service is terrible. They have a bunch of different email addresses you can send emails to. But you have to start up an RMA, first you have to go through customer service AND have your subject line be an exact string. Talk about archaic. How bout just have your tech guys have their own email address. It quickly spirals into a loop of customer service hell to prevent you from getting a refund/rma.

Finally, yesterday I emailed them again saying I haven’t gotten anywhere with my request and haven’t been able to play the game I ordered and was very frustrated. This manages to get through and I get a different link on how exactly I need to send a fax to get an RMA number. I really don’t want to send this whole package back to possibly get it messed up again, or get store credit.

So for a long story. I decided to see if I could clean off the scratch. It didn’t seem terrible, but it was enough to deflect the laser. I heard about the toothpaste trick, and watched a few videos online of people doing it. A few attempts of it, the last a direct buffering by q-tip and the game magically works. The ladyfriend has been playing for the last hour. I think she’s halfway through easy already. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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