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Time to redouble my efforts. I have my prototype board for Greenland out on my table in the living room. I have all the pieces setup how I’d expect to see them. I’m looking for a program to print out the sample cards I’ve generated. Not every card has been designed yet, but a fair amount have been. And each have a resource attached to them. I was using Inkscape with the boardgame extensions, but it doesn’t want to print on the page very well. Hopefully I can either figure it out, or find another utility to do it for me.

I still need to work out the details to the “Opposing faction” part of the game. But I need to look through my notes to determine how far I’ve gotten with it. I wonder if splitting the play styles in two will hurt the game. On one hand it should make solitaire play easier. (Creation of a “robot” that a Greenland player can aim against.)

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