Robert Jordan

So I’m sure those of you traveling the internet that happen to see my Blog already know. But Robert Jordan died yesterday. For me, it was very bittersome hearing about this. Robert Jordan really vaulted my reading from simple fantasy to epic fantasy and spawned into new authors like George RR Martin.

His books were ever lengthy and the amount of characters and different POVs was simply frightening. He had been suffering from his illness, amyloidosis, for years, but as many have been saying, his confidence that he would finish the last book even if it would be 2000 pages, left the news very shocking.

There had been times I had cursed Jordan, never for the length of the novels, but for the unmoving plotlines. While I’m the type of person to stick by my words, even when they are wrong. You feel the amount of pressure he must have been under and most of the stress and fatigue he would have encountered in the last few years.

But alas, hopefully some of his family members can release a final version after their grieving period for the rabid fans.

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