Roll-Playing and Contests

So I had planned to write a bit about the session that I’m GMing right now. But that’ll probably have to wait until later. For now, let’s talk about Contests. For whatever reason I’m a sucker for Contests. I have always had a lucky streak. And contests for cool systems that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while are a great way to dive in.

So when I heard about troll in the corner’s giveaway I spread the word to my buddies in my gaming group and started rolling away on my lucky dice until I rolled out all of the 1s (not really, but I could have!).

So if you haven’t heard of Pathfinder yet, it’s sorta like D&D 3.75. And the contestis a great way to explore some new worlds. There seems to be a ton of modules out for Pathfinder already and Paizo doesn’t have the same stigma to me as Hasbro/WotC does.

I wonder if I’ll be able to convert my 3.5 campaign into Pathfinder. Actually, it’s probably better to keep it as 3.5 since one of the guys haven’t role played before. But if Pathfinder holds up to backwards compatible, then someone of the stuff may be forwards compatible. And it would be neat to integrate some of the things I’ve been reading about.

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