Peel Deals

So of late, my family has been having some interesting conversations about food from our youth. One specific food of conversation was called the Peel Deal. Now being the youngest (and a male who generally devoured anything) a lot of the stuff we ate I didn’t know the name of. Unless it was something simple, like Grilled Cheese, or Mac and Cheese, or French Bread Pizza. You get the idea.

Now Peel Deals are quite the interesting food. It takes a handful of things that are all good on their own. (Hot Dogs, Bread, Cheese) jams them together in a foil, and let’s the heat melt it all together. Part of the Deal is that you need to Peel away the foil to get to your food. One might ask “Is that where the name came from?” And I would tell you “Sure!” cause seriously, I didn’t even know the name until a few days ago.

I can almost hear you, dear blog reader, salivating from behind your monitors. Well, while I have your attention let’s settle one thing immediately. I haven’t had one of these in probably 15-20 years, and I never knew the name of it when I did. So why is this now becoming such a hot topic? Well, to be forthright, I have no idea. But alas, enough with the delays. Let’s get on to the recipe.

Now let me preface this whole thing with something. I will not supply any other recipes that suggest putting Ketchup on your Hot Dogs. Once you are old enough to know better, mustard is the condiment to put on dogs.

Hot Dogs, American Cheese, Bread, Condiment of Choice (Ketchup or Mustard)
1. Boil the Hot dogs.
2. Butterfly the Hot Dog and place the cheese in the middle.
3. Place on bread, applying Condiment between dog and Bread.
4. Roll up in the bread, and place in Aluminum Foil.

The heat of the dogs should melt the cheese into the bread and create a Deal of a mess that you have to Peel from the foil.

So if you were up for a blast from the past, check out the Peel Deals. I’ll try to confirm if the recipe is right, but from what I understand it’s correct. Well, there ya go. Enjoy the Peel Deals, and maybe they’ll make a storming come back as Organic Peel Deals. I can just picture it now, Tofu Dogs, Low-Fat Cheddar, and some type of Healthy Whole wheat bread.

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