Document Writing

Well I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be accomplished for GSkirm, and not all of them are as daunting as creating server side scripts for managing the database for storing game information. This is a key component of multiplayer and something I definitely want to do for v1.0 of GSkirm, as it was my number one request previously. I don’t know if I will end up doing real-time multiplayer for 1.0, but I have my hopes. At the very least, I want functional multiplayer in, which would mean each turn a player would login with the game ID and the user ID. The niceties of ajax will come in afterwards.

Well, the real point of this entry is to talk about the documentation. I have a partially written rules sheet done. I have an idea with how I’ll be doing the tutorial. The rules sheet is the most important thing from my viewpoint. I know it’ll be adjusted as I code things, but that’ll be the biggest sign to me that this is a real game. The tutorial is just as important but needs a fully playable code base to be structured from. My current idea is to break the tutorial down into chapters. Allowing for the currently working structures of the game can be coded up, and it’ll be expansible. I have to review my code but there are only a few last things that I need that are actually functional before that’s complete. Alright, gotta watch Who Wants to be a Superhero

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