Public Transit

For those of you who know me, you know I take public transit to work every day. Now I recently moved (maybe more on that later) but by moving I’ve changed my daily routine of walking 5 minutes to the train station to experimenting for Public Transit in my new place. For those of you […]

Greenland Ideas

While it would be cool to try to add Greenland as a Kickstarter Project. I think I want to get the actual gameplay fleshed out to Full Prototype status before I try to do anything like that. I do have a plan for this blog starting in the beginning of the year. A lot of […]

Server Move Done

Well, I still am going to be doing some cleaning up around the site. But the server has seemed to completed it’s move relatively painlessly. If you actually had a user account, it looks like the export/import didn’t save those. Sorry about that, although to be honest it was mostly spam accounts that had user […]