Mario Strikers Charged

Alright, so as much good progress I made on the latest versions of Global Skirmish, and actually setting up a blog and source control like I had been planning on doing for a while. I may have just lost a step. I just purchased Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii, and the game is definitely […]

Global Skirmish

Well, now I have lots of ideas written down about what I wanted to do with GSkirm. But unfortunately, I have no idea which of them I tried, which of them worked, and which of them I scratched. Also, I have a small “getting back” curve for the Gmaps api. At this point, I believe […]

WordPress Trial

So.. here it is. My little trial with WordPress. We’ll see if it suits me well enough. All I really want from a blog is something that can handle an RSS, comments, and maybe some tagging. I’m pretty sure wordpress can manage all that, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m probably gonna keep any […]