Well I’ll soon be re-employed as a Software Developer and hopefully that means I’ll be able to be more motivated to ASoOJ. Things have been slow around these parts as I looked for a new job, and the Amateur Game Designer had to take a back seat the Professional in me. Gotta put some food […]

Out like a lion

Well so much for the posting every two weeks that I started off the year so well with. Anyways, I figured out (with some guidance) how to make Twitter useful. Follow lots of craft breweries. They might not post the best stuff everytime, but you learn some useful stuff. So I have been working on […]


Well I got a Mr Beer for Christmas, which is kinda is the beer brewing equivilant of web programming with Frontpage. But no matter. I’m putting wort and water and yeast into a little jug and in a few weeks I’m going to have my own beer. And I’m sure it’ll taste decent enough. Hopefully […]


Now.. as I’ve suggested, July is a month just packed full of stuff somehow. I’m glad we were able to move from our old place early, cause it really allowed us not to worry too much this month since it’s so busy. But this post is about Vermont. We’ll (me and my crew)be going up […]