[FTG] Nine Kings seen in Lightbringer

In the last month, I’ve had ample amount of time to finish reading The Broken Eye (Lightbringer #3) and digest everything in this great series. Now Nine Kings doesn’t play as large a role in this book as the previous one, but it’s certainly there in the undercurrent. Once again, I’ll try to keep the […]

[FTG] Snakes and Foxes seen in Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Part two from the first epic fantasy series I read. I believe I read theĀ  The Eye of the World in 2000 and devoured the first 5 books in no time at all and needing to wait around for book 9 (Winter’s Heart) to be released. Now any WoT readers out there can tell you […]

[FTG] Stones seen in Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

This is going to be a brief one with the other prominent game in Wheel of Time appearing in the normal monthly time slot (I’m sure fans of the series will know exactly which game I’m talking about). My personal narrative can be seen in the next regularly scheduled FTG article. This article is going […]

[FTG] Cyvasse seen in A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin

ASOIAF was always one of the more popular fantasy novels in my eyes, but when the show came out a few years ago it absolutely erupted with new people to watch, read, and generally worry about the characters of Westoros. A quick web search leads to a fair amount of discussion about Cyvasse (not to […]

[FTG] Keschet seen in Blood Song by Anthony Ryan

Well, as I mentioned in the last post about this seriesĀ I thought it might be a fun thought experiment to maybe write some rules, or game structure for games referenced in some of the fantasy books I’ve seen. Now this write-up is about one of the two games I’ve read of recently called Keschet, appearing […]

Fictional Tabletop Games in Fantasy Novels

Of course tying two of my hobbies together is something I like to do, and try to do it as much as I can. I read a fair amount, having a decent length commute on public transportation. And I choose to fill that time relaxing via really fat Fantasy books. I generally don’t give lengthy […]

Robert Jordan

So I’m sure those of you traveling the internet that happen to see my Blog already know. But Robert Jordan died yesterday. For me, it was very bittersome hearing about this. Robert Jordan really vaulted my reading from simple fantasy to epic fantasy and spawned into new authors like George RR Martin. His books were […]