Finished Moving

Well, here are some more related news to my site. I just finished moving all of my stuff from my old Apartment in Hoboken, a few miles inland in Jersey. It’s a bit sad since I’ve been in Hoboken for a good 7 years and will have to meet new friends here, and all those […]

April Fool

Now… I also kinda enjoyed April Fool’s Day. I’ve done a handful of pranks in my time, only a few of them coming on 4/1. And every year while I’m in the height of my website maintenance I tell myself I’m going to come up with something hilarious for April 1st. Well, as you can […]

Companies and IP Law

Well, I don’t really have too much to say about this, besides companies should get stronger leashes on their lawyers. But Hasbro has dropped the hammer on Scrabulous a word-tile game on Facebook. Sounds familiar eh?


I’d like to mention a few quick things about this post before you lament to yoursel(f/ves) that Global Skirmish is vaporware and is coming out around the same time as Duke Nukem Forever. First is Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a nice holiday. You spend some time with your family, maybe throw the football around, eat mass […]

Partial Success?

This is why people say when doing New Years Resolutions that you should only say you’ll do something you can start in that month, and actually afford time to. Well, as you can see the progress was limited to the blog, basic layout on the site, and finishing the Object Oriented “new” Gskirm. Now I […]

WordPress Trial

So.. here it is. My little trial with WordPress. We’ll see if it suits me well enough. All I really want from a blog is something that can handle an RSS, comments, and maybe some tagging. I’m pretty sure wordpress can manage all that, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m probably gonna keep any […]