Magic the Gathering

As some of you may know while a young adult, Magic was a huge part of my life. Summers were spent socializing, gaming, and strategizing. Trying to hash together the best decks, the coolest combos, basic teenager geek cred. Luckily, I probably won more tournaments than I didn’t. For those familiar with the game, I […]

Indie Games

So part of my revival into gaming is the idea of indie development. I’d sorta just barely consider myself an indie developer, but not so much as I doubt I’ll have an outpouring of recognition once I decide GSkirm should try to get some attention. But I’m talking about the guys that are out there […]

Indie Revival

And I’m not talking indie rock. So I’ve recently had a bit of revival for Indie Games. Between amazing things like Little Green Pod Man and Mondrian Provoked and Passage and XNA 2.0. Yes yes I’m sure I should have used commas in between all of those but whatever. So the good news of this […]

Mario Strikers Charged

Alright, so as much good progress I made on the latest versions of Global Skirmish, and actually setting up a blog and source control like I had been planning on doing for a while. I may have just lost a step. I just purchased Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii, and the game is definitely […]