End of September

So the end of September means a few things. FIrst, that it’s dark by the time I get home. This kinda sucks as I had been biking of late after work, and I won’t really be able to do that anymore. Second, baseball playoffs. I don’t care about them, but the sports shows I like […]

Labor Day

Well, Labor Day is a great placement for a holiday. Right at the end of the summer, you can regenerate all your juices and enjoy the nice weather before it starts cooling off. I didn’t do anything fancy this weekend, but I did enjoy the weather. Now that the summer is fading away, I’m taking […]

Indie Games

So part of my revival into gaming is the idea of indie development. I’d sorta just barely consider myself an indie developer, but not so much as I doubt I’ll have an outpouring of recognition once I decide GSkirm should try to get some attention. But I’m talking about the guys that are out there […]

The Super Bowl

So before the Super Bowl occurs in.. oh 5 hours, I’d like to put a prediction up here. I will be cheering for the Giants cause I really don’t want the Pats going 19-0. But the prediction is unfortunately gonna lean the other way. 30-28 Pats. Here’s to a good game, some good friends, and […]