Well, it’s cold outside in the New York area and I think I’m done with winter. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate actually having seasons unlike some areas, that don’t have any besides rain and not rain. But no matter, I’ll soon be on vacation in the caribbean and the warmth and ocean waters […]

End of September

So the end of September means a few things. FIrst, that it’s dark by the time I get home. This kinda sucks as I had been biking of late after work, and I won’t really be able to do that anymore. Second, baseball playoffs. I don’t care about them, but the sports shows I like […]

Labor Day

Well, Labor Day is a great placement for a holiday. Right at the end of the summer, you can regenerate all your juices and enjoy the nice weather before it starts cooling off. I didn’t do anything fancy this weekend, but I did enjoy the weather. Now that the summer is fading away, I’m taking […]

Dear Scrabulous

(Some reading if you aren’t up to date on what Scrabulous is) I’d like to welcome you to the club. Almost three years ago I went through the exact same thing that you did. Anguish that all your hard work and coding could crumble down to a sledgehammer of the system. I’d like to commend […]


Now.. as I’ve suggested, July is a month just packed full of stuff somehow. I’m glad we were able to move from our old place early, cause it really allowed us not to worry too much this month since it’s so busy. But this post is about Vermont. We’ll (me and my crew)be going up […]

Progress Progress

Well, I got all of my computers up and running and in a location that works. My laptop is a card table in the living room. My desktop is on my newly purchased Ikea desk. I also just ordered a second monitor for it to improve productivity. And my media center (awaiting a QAM tuner) […]

Finished Moving

Well, here are some more related news to my site. I just finished moving all of my stuff from my old Apartment in Hoboken, a few miles inland in Jersey. It’s a bit sad since I’ve been in Hoboken for a good 7 years and will have to meet new friends here, and all those […]

Moving and Side Project

Well, moving is going fairly smoothly for the most part. We were planning on having a few more things moved then actually got moved, but the minivan my girlfriend’s father was driving stalled out the day we were going to move a few larger things. But we do have a lot of stuffed packed and […]


Well, some activities going on over here. While April and May have been good blogging months (note the 2 posts in the month, instead of the normal monthly apologetic “sorry haven’t really posted, nor worked on the game”) and I’ve actually been productive in the last week or so on the game. While I haven’t […]

Gary Gygax

Well, as an avid gamer as myself, I’ve been playing all sorts of games since the tender age of whenever I first started games. If we aren’t going to count things like Hi Ho Cheerio and Hungry Hungry Hippos. I’d say I started gaming at 4, when my father taught me how to play chess. […]