End of September

So the end of September means a few things. FIrst, that it’s dark by the time I get home. This kinda sucks as I had been biking of late after work, and I won’t really be able to do that anymore. Second, baseball playoffs. I don’t care about them, but the sports shows I like […]

Progress Progress

Well, I got all of my computers up and running and in a location that works. My laptop is a card table in the living room. My desktop is on my newly purchased Ikea desk. I also just ordered a second monitor for it to improve productivity. And my media center (awaiting a QAM tuner) […]


Well, some activities going on over here. While April and May have been good blogging months (note the 2 posts in the month, instead of the normal monthly apologetic “sorry haven’t really posted, nor worked on the game”) and I’ve actually been productive in the last week or so on the game. While I haven’t […]

Game ideas

So I can’t remember if I ever mentioned this, but I thought of a few things recently that I want to “add” to the game. The first of these is an alternate battle system. This system would allow for the game to blend into a “true” board game by using real dice, that you can […]

Updates to newest version

Alright so here’s the deal. I’ve had some decent progress on Global Skirmish in the last few weeks… If you’d like to see the current tutorial, with the partially written tutorial boxes, check that out. If you just want to check out the current version of the game, which is working pretty well right now, […]

Tutorial Work

So lately I’ve been working on the tutorial for Global Skirmish. Surprisingly, it’s led me to reexamine some of the old leftover code and clear some of the leftovers out. Reorganizing a few other things that looked ugly. I’m sure any programmers in the crowd know the feeling. I’ve got the first portion of the […]

Partial Success?

This is why people say when doing New Years Resolutions that you should only say you’ll do something you can start in that month, and actually afford time to. Well, as you can see the progress was limited to the blog, basic layout on the site, and finishing the Object Oriented “new” Gskirm. Now I […]

Document Writing

Well I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be accomplished for GSkirm, and not all of them are as daunting as creating server side scripts for managing the database for storing game information. This is a key component of multiplayer and something I definitely want to do for v1.0 of GSkirm, as it […]


Well, after a bit over a week of claiming I was gonna work on GSkirm more, not too much work has been done. Why you ask? Well I did accomplish a lot that first weekend getting a lot of overhead stuff done. I was able to get my sand box portion back to an actual […]

Global Skirmish

Well, now I have lots of ideas written down about what I wanted to do with GSkirm. But unfortunately, I have no idea which of them I tried, which of them worked, and which of them I scratched. Also, I have a small “getting back” curve for the Gmaps api. At this point, I believe […]