Game Design

I don’t mind stating the obvious on the ASoOJ blog. It’s because random people stumbling upon this may not be familiar with what it is. But basically, I really enjoy hobbyist game design. It’s not something I’ve been doing for very long, but nonetheless it’s fun to create your own stuff, and try it out. […]

Multiplayer Go

So in a few days of high productivity we have the basic multiplayer game working. I still have some tweaking to be done for the most basic, turn-by-turn saving, multiplayer to be fully functional. For example, whether a person is “alive” is not being updated to the server. To prevent a search through all of […]


Well, it appears that I now have some free time on my hands. So I will be doing a few types of networking. The first type of networking is the one for Global Skirmish. I’ve already made a great push on Friday and Saturday and currently have Network Games being created. However, as I finished […]


Well, I went through and cleaned up wordpress a bit. Deleted a bunch of the spam users, added my twitter account to the sidebar. So a quick recap on my projects for this site. The first which is the larger of the two is the board game Global Skirmish that is based in Google Maps. […]

Out like a lion

Well so much for the posting every two weeks that I started off the year so well with. Anyways, I figured out (with some guidance) how to make Twitter useful. Follow lots of craft breweries. They might not post the best stuff everytime, but you learn some useful stuff. So I have been working on […]


Well, it’s cold outside in the New York area and I think I’m done with winter. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate actually having seasons unlike some areas, that don’t have any besides rain and not rain. But no matter, I’ll soon be on vacation in the caribbean and the warmth and ocean waters […]

Mid-month updates

So I’m currently trying to post blog updates right around the pay period. For me that’s the 15th and 30th, so I’ll just call that twice a month and go for there. I won’t always have game related updates every 2 weeks, but I’ve been much better in the last few weeks with updating a […]


Happy New Year everyone. In the last two weeks, I’ve been spending my time playing a bit of games, reading a bit, and programming a good amount on Global Skirmish. I ended up scrapping the virtual dice portion of the combat system that I came up with and decided that I should only have a […]


Well, it’s the time for winter holidays no matter which one you celebrate, it’s always nice to have some tradition with your snow (I’m talking to you Las Vegas). So I’m off from work until the new year, and have plans to work on Global Skirmish during this time. I revised some of the rules […]

Some Free Time

So I have a few days off from work next week, and I think I’m going to take advantage and try to work on one of my many projects that i have going on. I was debating making FreeCell on the Zune, but right now I think I want to minimize what I’m working on […]