Greenland: How do I win?

If you missed last week’s segment, feel free to check out the backstory first. As much as I love playing board games, describing the theme sometimes just confuses first time players. While I’m trying to create a nice atmosphere for the game, certain games definitely skim over the strong thematic need for a backstory. Like […]

Greenland Storyboard

To me one of the most important games is the flavor. While strong mechanics and game play that sucks you in are important, there are very few games that I play and enjoy that miss the “flavor element”. So when developing the idea for Greenland, the first thing I came up with was the story […]

Greenland Ideas

While it would be cool to try to add Greenland as a Kickstarter Project. I think I want to get the actual gameplay fleshed out to Full Prototype status before I try to do anything like that. I do have a plan for this blog starting in the beginning of the year. A lot of […]

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Time to redouble my efforts. I have my prototype board for Greenland out on my table in the living room. I have all the pieces setup how I’d expect to see them. I’m looking for a program to print out the sample cards I’ve generated. Not every card has been designed yet, but a fair […]

Of Creating a Board

So I took my whiteboard and went to work yesterday, drawing up not-even-close-scale, version of the regions that Greenland will be dealing with. I’m planning on designing this game to be up to 4 players, but the first cycle is only going to be about the title player (Greenland) and their direct nemesis (in this […]


So I ordered some posterboard that has the whiteboard finish on them. I plan to mark one up with some markers, for a temporary board solution. If things need to be altered or changed, I can just write it in the marker, or erase what needs to be fixed. I’m going to setup a little […]

Preliminary Rules

As the end of the year rolls around, things are reborn. Like from the ashes, a spontaneous combustion occurs. Allowing enough life-burning flame for the Phoenix to arise. And with such fiery passion I have return to talk about a hobby I care deeply enough, but haven’t quite managed to put all together. And so […]

Giant Log Flume

Alright, now some of you may consider this cheating but seeing as Ian has now gotten to the the project phase of the course; I think I’m just going to roll what I was going to run a prototype for into the project. I hadn’t gotten too far in the prototyping, as I realized I […]

Game Design

I don’t mind stating the obvious on the ASoOJ blog. It’s because random people stumbling upon this may not be familiar with what it is. But basically, I really enjoy hobbyist game design. It’s not something I’ve been doing for very long, but nonetheless it’s fun to create your own stuff, and try it out. […]