End of September

So the end of September means a few things. FIrst, that it’s dark by the time I get home. This kinda sucks as I had been biking of late after work, and I won’t really be able to do that anymore. Second, baseball playoffs. I don’t care about them, but the sports shows I like […]

Labor Day

Well, Labor Day is a great placement for a holiday. Right at the end of the summer, you can regenerate all your juices and enjoy the nice weather before it starts cooling off. I didn’t do anything fancy this weekend, but I did enjoy the weather. Now that the summer is fading away, I’m taking […]

Indie Games

So part of my revival into gaming is the idea of indie development. I’d sorta just barely consider myself an indie developer, but not so much as I doubt I’ll have an outpouring of recognition once I decide GSkirm should try to get some attention. But I’m talking about the guys that are out there […]

Dear Scrabulous

(Some reading if you aren’t up to date on what Scrabulous is) I’d like to welcome you to the club. Almost three years ago I went through the exact same thing that you did. Anguish that all your hard work and coding could crumble down to a sledgehammer of the system. I’d like to commend […]


Well, some activities going on over here. While April and May have been good blogging months (note the 2 posts in the month, instead of the normal monthly apologetic “sorry haven’t really posted, nor worked on the game”) and I’ve actually been productive in the last week or so on the game. While I haven’t […]

Gary Gygax

Well, as an avid gamer as myself, I’ve been playing all sorts of games since the tender age of whenever I first started games. If we aren’t going to count things like Hi Ho Cheerio and Hungry Hungry Hippos. I’d say I started gaming at 4, when my father taught me how to play chess. […]

Companies and IP Law

Well, I don’t really have too much to say about this, besides companies should get stronger leashes on their lawyers. But Hasbro has dropped the hammer on Scrabulous a word-tile game on Facebook. Sounds familiar eh? http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/technology/tech-britain-facebook.html

Updates to newest version

Alright so here’s the deal. I’ve had some decent progress on Global Skirmish in the last few weeks… If you’d like to see the current tutorial, with the partially written tutorial boxes, check that out. If you just want to check out the current version of the game, which is working pretty well right now, […]

Toothpaste. A magical drug?

Well, lemme start with this. My girlfriend has been wanting me to get Guitar Hero for the 360 ever since she played the PS2 one a few months back. “Gasp!” You might say. “TehDiplomat has a girlfriend? How could it be?” Alas, it’s true. She’s been bugging me not terribly, but every once in a […]

Global Skirmish

Well, now I have lots of ideas written down about what I wanted to do with GSkirm. But unfortunately, I have no idea which of them I tried, which of them worked, and which of them I scratched. Also, I have a small “getting back” curve for the Gmaps api. At this point, I believe […]