Preliminary Rules

As the end of the year rolls around, things are reborn. Like from the ashes, a spontaneous combustion occurs. Allowing enough life-burning flame for the Phoenix to arise. And with such fiery passion I have return to talk about a hobby I care deeply enough, but haven’t quite managed to put all together. And so […]

American Board Games on Google Maps

A few of my friends sent me links to Hasbro joining up with Google Maps to do their World Monopoly thing. I don’t have the link handy, but I’m sure you can find it. I know that the site has been pretty much down all day, so I’m pretty sure noone has even seen how […]

Giant Log Flume

Alright, now some of you may consider this cheating but seeing as Ian has now gotten to the the project phase of the course; I think I’m just going to roll what I was going to run a prototype for into the project. I hadn’t gotten too far in the prototyping, as I realized I […]

Game Design

I don’t mind stating the obvious on the ASoOJ blog. It’s because random people stumbling upon this may not be familiar with what it is. But basically, I really enjoy hobbyist game design. It’s not something I’ve been doing for very long, but nonetheless it’s fun to create your own stuff, and try it out. […]

Field of Battle

Writing that last post about Magic reminded me about one of the old forums I used to hang around in my hey-day of playing and collecting the grand-daddy of all CCGs. It had a few different names to it, but most people knew it as the Field of Battle. I wasn’t around from the very […]

Magic the Gathering

As some of you may know while a young adult, Magic was a huge part of my life. Summers were spent socializing, gaming, and strategizing. Trying to hash together the best decks, the coolest combos, basic teenager geek cred. Luckily, I probably won more tournaments than I didn’t. For those familiar with the game, I […]


Well, I went through and cleaned up wordpress a bit. Deleted a bunch of the spam users, added my twitter account to the sidebar. So a quick recap on my projects for this site. The first which is the larger of the two is the board game Global Skirmish that is based in Google Maps. […]


Well I got a Mr Beer for Christmas, which is kinda is the beer brewing equivilant of web programming with Frontpage. But no matter. I’m putting wort and water and yeast into a little jug and in a few weeks I’m going to have my own beer. And I’m sure it’ll taste decent enough. Hopefully […]

Mid-month updates

So I’m currently trying to post blog updates right around the pay period. For me that’s the 15th and 30th, so I’ll just call that twice a month and go for there. I won’t always have game related updates every 2 weeks, but I’ve been much better in the last few weeks with updating a […]


Happy New Year everyone. In the last two weeks, I’ve been spending my time playing a bit of games, reading a bit, and programming a good amount on Global Skirmish. I ended up scrapping the virtual dice portion of the combat system that I came up with and decided that I should only have a […]