[FTG] Keschet seen in Blood Song by Anthony Ryan

Well, as I mentioned in the last post about this seriesĀ I thought it might be a fun thought experiment to maybe write some rules, or game structure for games referenced in some of the fantasy books I’ve seen. Now this write-up is about one of the two games I’ve read of recently called Keschet, appearing […]

Fictional Tabletop Games in Fantasy Novels

Of course tying two of my hobbies together is something I like to do, and try to do it as much as I can. I read a fair amount, having a decent length commute on public transportation. And I choose to fill that time relaxing via really fat Fantasy books. I generally don’t give lengthy […]

Greenland Ideas

While it would be cool to try to add Greenland as a Kickstarter Project. I think I want to get the actual gameplay fleshed out to Full Prototype status before I try to do anything like that. I do have a plan for this blog starting in the beginning of the year. A lot of […]

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Time to redouble my efforts. I have my prototype board for Greenland out on my table in the living room. I have all the pieces setup how I’d expect to see them. I’m looking for a program to print out the sample cards I’ve generated. Not every card has been designed yet, but a fair […]

Roll-Playing and Contests

So I had planned to write a bit about the session that I’m GMing right now. But that’ll probably have to wait until later. For now, let’s talk about Contests. For whatever reason I’m a sucker for Contests. I have always had a lucky streak. And contests for cool systems that I’ve been wanting to […]

Complaints about Monopoly

Alright, I may have done this before but lets have a few complaints about Monopoly. The game isn’t really all that interesting, and doesn’t have that much going on for it. A lot of times people lump Monopoly in with Risk, because of the positive feedback loop. Being in the lead allows you to be […]

Brittany Sportscard

So I got a little carried away last time, so here is some more about local card scenes. So the first place I found out about was right near my middle school in Bloomfield, NJ, which I happened to be attending when I started playing Magic. This place was called Brittany Sportscard. (Everyone just called […]

Local Card Scenes Intro

I’ve already posted about my Magic playing days a few times. And this one is more of an in memoriam to my old card-playing days and some of the old hangouts. I occasionally talk to a handful of people that I was playing the game with back in my teenage years, but there are just […]

Of Creating a Board

So I took my whiteboard and went to work yesterday, drawing up not-even-close-scale, version of the regions that Greenland will be dealing with. I’m planning on designing this game to be up to 4 players, but the first cycle is only going to be about the title player (Greenland) and their direct nemesis (in this […]


So I ordered some posterboard that has the whiteboard finish on them. I plan to mark one up with some markers, for a temporary board solution. If things need to be altered or changed, I can just write it in the marker, or erase what needs to be fixed. I’m going to setup a little […]