I think the idea of Kickstarter is pretty solid. I’ve backed a few things that I definitely would have passed up if I saw them in the store, just so I could be a part of the process, and help see something happen that may not have otherwise. I want to talk briefly about two […]

Server Move Done

Well, I still am going to be doing some cleaning up around the site. But the server has seemed to completed it’s move relatively painlessly. If you actually had a user account, it looks like the export/import didn’t save those. Sorry about that, although to be honest it was mostly spam accounts that had user […]

Firefox 3

Yes the RC1 was released last night/today or whenever. If you are currently on FF2, I’d recommend upgrading immeadiately. The only caveats are the normal, extensions may not work. And if you really need them you can try Nighty Tester Tools, which attempts to force through your extensions. It has a lot of impressive improvements […]

Game ideas

So I can’t remember if I ever mentioned this, but I thought of a few things recently that I want to “add” to the game. The first of these is an alternate battle system. This system would allow for the game to blend into a “true” board game by using real dice, that you can […]